Cycling training plans by level, discipline or distance.

Every cyclist is unique and deserves a fully personalized and custom cycling training plan. Below, you'll find training plans by level, distance, and discipline. Get yours and start training today to unlock your entire potential on the saddle.

Cycling Training Plans

Search through the list of cycling training plans our platform can tailor specifically for your fitness level, discipline, or event.

Training Plans by Level

Cycling Training Plan for Beginners

If you are starting from scratch and want to see quick wins while you develop your passion for cycling, this is the perfect cycling training plan for you. Start here.

Intermediate Cycling Training Plan

You are already crushing a decent amount of kilometers per week, and you want to take your performance to another level. Here, you have a plan that will help you be in the bunch with the pros.

Advanced Cycling Training Plan

Weekend warriors are your meals but you still need to nail a thing or two to beat the most powerful cyclists of your grupeto. Inside you'll find how.

Training Plans by Discipline

Road Bike Training Plan

Inside you'll find a plan specifically created to hit the road and get the most out of your time and kilometers on the road.

Gravel Bike Training Plan

We already know it; 'strada', gravel, 'grava', 'ripio' is the best surface as an explorer cyclist that want to know georgeous places while moving relatively fast and securely. Get the most out of your gravel rides while following our gravel bike training plan.

Mountain Bike Training Plan

One of the most difficult cycling disciplines that requires special handling drills and also endurance to crush your rivals. Get your dedicated Mountain bike training plan.

Long Distance Bike Training Plan

Ultra-distance, randonneurs, long-distance. You are seen as mad by other folks. You are a unique species, and you need a unique training plan to crush long days in the saddle.

Cyclocross Training Plan

Mathieu, Wout, and Tom would be proud to follow one of the training plans waiting for you inside. Get a cyclocross bike training plan and take those corners faster.

Triathlon Bike Training Plan

You can be a real Ironman by following this triathlon bike training plan. Improve your position and performance to beat the best version of yourself on a 70.3 or full Ironman event.

Cycling Time Trial Training plan

No wind tunnel, no problem. Follow our time trial cycling training plan and beat your best effort in your time trials.

Indoor Bike Training Plan

Watopia or Rouvy is your backyard playground? Inside you'll find a specific indoor bike training plan to improve your w/kg.

Stationary Bike Training Plan

If you use a stationary bike to improve your overal health and want to see how far you can go inside the gym, start our stationary bike training plan.

Training Plans by Distance

50 Mile Bike Training Plan

50 Miles is an excellent goal for starting to develop your fitness while enjoying a nice ride outside. Follow this plan, and be ready to be induced into the exciting cycling world.

100 Mile Bike Training Plan

Finishing a 100 Mile ride can be achieved but the main difference is how you end it. Exhausted as hell or fresh like or fresh as a crisp. If you want the latter, follow this training plan.

200 Mile Bike Training Plan

A 200 Mile ride is no joke, you have to be physically and mentally prepared to this challenge that is just for a few. Follow this plan to put this long ride in your bag.